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Will Kinghorn, automation and robotics specialist for Made Smarter in the North West, advises and supports manufacturing companies with the adoption of new technologies. 

The main aim of Made Smarter is to be the go-to source of straightforward advice on manufacturing technologies for SMEs across the North West region. 

We’re always looking for new ways to do this, be it our whitepapers, bite-sized broadcasts on LinkedIn, explainer animations, or case studies.


The Made Smarter Book

This led to the creation of the Made Smarter book, Digital Transformation in Your Manufacturing Business – A Made Smarter Guide, which is released on 4th June 2024 and published by CRC Press and Routledge.

It provides a straightforward guide to manufacturing technologies, examples of how they’re used, as well as the tools and techniques needed to get started.  

However, technology is only part of the puzzle.  Setting the direction of the company and engaging the workforce are critical elements in the adoption of any technology, and these are covered in the first two sections of the book.

Every topic is explained concisely, along with drawbacks and limitations to be aware of, and guidance for what to look for online to find relevant information for any industry.

It’s a handy resource for manufacturing leaders to have on their desk as a quick reference guide to anything relating to digitalisation.

You can get 20% off your copy of Digital Transformation in Your Manufacturing Business – A Made Smarter Guide here, using the code SMA22. (Valid until 31st July 2024).

Technology explainer videos

We’ve also been working on some explainer videos, and in this series our technology specialists will cover technologies, common challenges, and techniques to help you get an overview of the topic.

The first video is on automation, which can take many forms, and is often focused on completing individual tasks to help make staff more productive, make their jobs safer, or to free up their time to focus on more value-add activities.

The Made Smarter programme has supported a large number of automation projects, and often it is more accessible than people expect, has a much quicker payback, and is embraced by the workforce if they’re engaged from the start. 

It’s also proven that introducing automation actually creates jobs as it allows businesses to grow.  You can find examples of these projects in our case studies section.

The next technology explainer video will be with our Lead Technology Adoption Specialist Kevin Smith on large language models and artificial intelligence.

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