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The Made Smarter Innovation Standards initiative is essentially a standards development programme.

Its aim is to create an integrated portfolio of open, impartial international standards, enabling digital solutions providers and manufacturers to better understand the abilities of industrial digital technologies (IDTs).

On top of this, the initiative will also be able to establish any gaps in the current regulations. By working out how to close these, we can then achieve successful interoperability. The Made Smarter Innovation Standards will then build on existing standards through workshops, guides and valuable tools, and address any barriers to implementing IDTs.

More about Made Smarter I Standards
  • Who are they for?

    The Made Smarter Innovation Standards initiative is designed for both developers and users.

  • How do they work?

    The Made Smarter Innovation Standards will create a common open standards environment for manufacturing IDTs. Any test bed will require these to build an effective test facility which will help to assure developers that their solutions will be compatible.

    With the right standards in place, manufacturing’s future can be one of innovation.

  • What are the benefits?

    The key advantages of the Made Smarter Innovation Standards initiative include:

    • The ability for users and developers to rapidly exploit the benefits of technologies whilst minimising operational and cyber risks
    • The reduction of development and the time to market for innovative solutions, in turn encouraging accelerated adoption
  • Get involved

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