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Made Smarter Innovation Hubs are fully funded test beds, living labs and other development environments. Their purpose is to drive innovation by enabling the testing of digital solutions.

Who are they for?
If you’re a manufacturer or technology provider who’s keen to embrace the power of digital technologies, then the Made Smarter Innovation Hubs are for you.

For technology providers, the Innovation Hubs are a chance to trial and showcase new solutions as well as source crucial feedback before refining their offering for the sector. And for manufacturers, they’re a way to experience new technology solutions with expert support, enabling them to develop and de-risk projects and industrial digital technologies (IDTs) before investing.

Get involved
Intrigued by the Made Smarter Innovation Hubs? Whether you’re a maker or technology provider, you can register your interest here 

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More about Innovation Hubs
  • How do they work?

    Regardless of the size of your business, you can use these facilities to develop, demonstrate and trial IDTs. With a safe space and expert support, you can tackle critical manufacturing problems and propel innovation.

    Both physical and virtual clusters of digital test beds are available.

  • What are the benefits?

    There are numerous reasons to get involved. These include the fact that the Innovation Hubs:

    • Allow for development and experimentation without cost or access barriers
    • Encourage inclusive and open innovation
    • Enable leading digital technological development and understanding

    They deliver these benefits through the funding of projects, along with access to the facilities and capabilities needed. Plus, they create a vibrant ecosystem of industry and technology developers, research organisations, standards agencies and other relevant organisations.

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  • Open Hubs

    Digital Supply Chain Innovation Hub

    The recently launched £10m Digital Supply Chain Innovation Hub will focus on breakthrough technology development delivered through large-scale test beds. Flagship projects and open calls will seek to encourage the development of an inclusive national network made up of clusters of test beds, living labs and other developmental environments. 

    Delivered by Digital Catapult in collaboration with large and small businesses, as well as universities, research technology organisations and Catapults, the hub is designed to drive innovation for all potential users, including large and small technology providers and manufacturers.

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