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The UK has set a target to reduce industrial emissions by at least 90% by 2050.

Decarbonisation is about taking steps to drastically reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, to alleviate global warming and climate change. The goal is to achieve net zero – in other words, get as close as possible to zero emissions and balance any remaining emissions by reabsorbing them from the atmosphere. For manufacturers, this can be achieved by reducing energy use, switching to renewable and sustainable power sources, and striving to eliminate emissions from every aspect of the business, including your factory and vehicles, the materials and suppliers you use, and how the product is disposed of at the end of its life.

The Benefits of Decarbonisation

Manufacturing businesses acting against global warming have reported a reduction in energy costs and improved employee engagement. Plus, green credentials might elevate your profile both locally and nationally.

Read our whitepaper Decarbonisation through Digitalisation to find out more. 

From a numbers perspective:

  • 34% of businesses stated that they slashed costs with improved productivity.
  • 16% increased sales with access to new markets where customers expect a level of care for the environment.
  • 14% said that reducing emissions has enabled them to secure finance for new projects.
  • 15% have successfully attracted new talent by making their sustainability values known.
  • Moreover, 96% of manufacturers prioritise sustainability in their business model – with decarbonisation measures already in place or plan to apply a more eco-friendly approach to their supply chain.
  • More than a third of business owners say they need help to calculate the carbon footprint of their businesses and, in turn, form a solid decarbonisation plan.

Made Smarter can help your business take your first steps by accessing our tailored, expert advice and funding for the technology and skills you will need to achieve your green credentials and power your growth.

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