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Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd, established in 1985, has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of electrical control and distribution engineering solutions in the UK. Their extensive range of products and services, coupled with a continued dedication to quality craftsmanship, distinguishes them within the industry.

Notably, their commitment to sustainability has been a driving force, leading them to become carbon neutral in 2022.

Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd provides quality LV systems to a wide range of organisations, from large industrial warehouse and factory premises serving logistics and retail, through to hospital buildings for the NHS. They also enable the safe powering of university and council buildings, as well as smaller commercial and industrial units.

Case Study - Micheal Smith Switchgear Ltd

Embracing Made Smarter has been transformative for Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd. I wholeheartedly recommend their support to any manufacturing company seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Their expertise and resources have propelled us on a journey of innovation and sustainability, positioning us for long-term success.

Emily Smith, Operations and Finance Director for Michael Smith Switchgear
Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd’s Digital Transformation Journey
The Challenge

As the company experienced rapid expansion, it encountered significant challenges stemming from outdated systems and paper-based processes. Despite some existing digital tools, the reliance on manual methods resulted in inefficiencies and duplication. There was a pressing need to update these systems to accommodate growth and streamline operations effectively.

The Solution

Utilising the fully funded road mapping exercise offered through Made Smarter East Midlands, Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd embarked on a journey of digital transformation. Road mapping sessions with industry experts Tom Conway and James Bosworth from Made Smarter and Oxford Innovation, helped outline a strategic plan and the next steps to modernise operations and enhance efficiency, with the support of grant funding awarded through the programme.

The business sought to address these issues through a phased approach, recognising the complexity of the task at hand.

The implementation of the Sage 200 ERP system marked the initial phase, providing a robust platform to integrate key business functions and eliminate redundant processes.

This transition paved the way for streamlined workflows and improved data visibility across the organisation.

The Benefits

The adoption of digital solutions has created tangible benefits for Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd. By centralising business processes and eliminating manual tasks, the company experienced significant gains in productivity and accuracy and will continue to do so through its next phases too.

Additional digital adoption will see workflows recording time tracking and productivity and streamlining workflows and digital trails with field engineers equipped with iPads for digital documentation, allowing for easy auditing.

Moreover, the integration of CRM systems facilitated better communication with clients and enhanced quotation processes, further enhancing operational efficiency.

The Future

Looking ahead, Michael Smith Switchgear Ltd remains committed to sustainability and continuous improvement.

Once the company finishes it’s 3 phased digital transformation journey, it plans to leverage the fully funded intensive industrial support offered through Made Smarter East Midlands and delivered by the Manufacturing Technology Centre to undertake the next part of its digitalisation plan. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and best practices, the company aims to enhance its environmental performance, optimise operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

In summary, Michael Smith Switchgear’s phased approach to digital transformation, guided by the expertise of Made Smarter and its partner organisations, underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence. By embracing technology and sustainability, the company is positioned to achieve long-term success and maintain its leadership in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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