By 2030 the UK will be the global leader in the creation, adoption and export of advanced  digital technologies, shaping how the modern world does business.

New technologies are changing the way we live and the way we work. They are transforming the way data is gathered and information is analysed and how businesses operate.

These new technologies enable faster, more responsive, and more efficient processes to deliver higher-quality products at a reduced cost.

How the UK is rising to the challenge

The UK Government sought a strategy to drive UK manufacturing growth, productivity and transformation through the increased implementation of these new technology solutions.

As a result, an independent review of industrial digitalisation was led by Professor Juergen Maier, CEO Siemens UK & chair of Made Smarter UK and released in 2017.

The review focused on 3 priority areas informed by the main challenges modern manufacturing business face. They are:

  • Leadership: more ambitious, informed and focused leadership, including the creation of a Made Smarter Commission
  • Adoption: more widespread adoption of IDTs across supply chains, especially within SMEs
  • Innovation: faster innovation and creation of new IDTs, new IDT companies / value-streams and new capabilities to sustain UK competitive advantage.

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Made Smarter is geared towards pushing boundaries, taking the existing pockets of cutting-edge tech adoption into a wider, broader movement, and helping UK industry to champion a better, brighter future for everyone.

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