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This week we will showcase 38 of the UK’s most highly innovative, leading-edge digital technology companies transforming the manufacturing landscape.

Made Smarter Innovation Alley runs through the heart of Smart Factory Expo, one of the main exhibitions at Manufacturing and Engineering Week, taking place from 7th to 8th June in Birmingham. 

If you are attending any of the events at Manufacturing and Engineering Week, we would highly recommend you visit Innovation Alley and meet with these game-changing entrepreneurss.


Additive Flow is a process optimisation software for Additive Manufacturing. Their recent partnership with AM Machine OEM, EOS and global software leader, Autodesk, brings to life their commitment to technical excellence and innovation. STAND IA9

AllGreen Energy exists to help users work towards the target of net zero. They have harnessed various technologies from renewable energy, battery storage, power electronics, IoT, big data, machine learning and cloud computing STAND IA38

Animated Technology A digital agency specialising in creating captivating animations, VR training solutions and AR solutions. STAND IA27

Authentise empowers the world's most agile engineering and manufacturing operations with connected collaboration and workflow management solutions. enhance agility, transparency, innovation, and efficiency. STAND IA34

Benedex LTD is an engineering consultancy specializing in advanced robotics and motion-dependent machinery. With a team of experienced experts in mechatronics, electrical integration, mechanical design, and embedded software, they offer innovative solutions tailored to the needs of companies manufacturing and building machines. STAND IA35

Bloc Solutions is a pioneering digital technology company specializing in immersive experiences and visual feedback solutions to create interactive 3D industrial simulations in both XR and Web. STAND IA1

Cognitive Solutions We design and build software to monitor the condition of products, ingredients, or production equipment (new and legacy) in manufacturing facilities, then feedback on any abnormal variations via a digital dashboard. Our solution can work with sensors of all types and uses Machine Learning to monitor and compare actual readings with AI predicted values, creating notifications of any significant variations. An added benefit of our custom solution is that it can run in either online or offline mode.

Concept XR provide innovative technology solutions that are tailored to your business's unique needs and challenges. Their team of experts in 3D scanning, Digital Twins, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning (A.I) and Computer Vision can assist you in visualising and optimising your operations, developing new products and offering you new ways to market your services using technologies that will give you a competitive edge. STAND IA40

CUEi specialises in the enterprise use of game engine technology working across a wide range of industry sectors. Projects include: • driving and vehicle simulators • complex applications to support engineering projects • automotive industry • command and control scenarios • training in hazardous environments; dangerous procedures; and complex equipment to de-risk and improve effectiveness.

DAFO.AI guide manufacturing excellence with AI. DAFO.AI is a deep-tech company offering computer vision solutions for smart manufacturing and a guidance operator system optimised for training and quality assurance. STAND IA6

DataFlowIQ provide integration solutions for manufacturers covering almost all APIs and data formats. Uniquely featuring built-in database storage, live wallboards, mobile display, alerting and physical signalling. STAND IA22 Digital Solutions to Connect Advanced Manufacturing. links the AM ecosystem through materials, CAD CAM, CAE, ERP, QMS and supply chain to provide the end to end digital thread to scale additive manufacturing. STAND IA28

E-Nano is a robotics/IoT, data, and AI company operating in the agriculture, clean-tech, construction, and automotive industries. Their 5G-enabled automation platform, OSCAR, enables seamless and scalable actuator and COTS sensor integration for live monitoring, control, and analytics/AI. STAND IA29

Emerging Data Technologies provides predictive analytics for improving performance within the manufacturing sector.
Predictive analytics uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse historical data and make predictions about future events, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and take proactive measures (rather than reactive) to improve their performance. STAND IA24

Ethicronics offer a software solution for electronics hardware problems; counterfeit, compromised and unsustainable. Their solution aims to be applied at chip, at bare Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and at full electronic system level for segments such aerospace, communication, finance and IoT. STAND IA5

Extend Robotics is revolutionising the control of robotic systems by building an intuitive and accurate Virtual Reality human-robot interface. Their technology has vastly improved depth perception with low latency and precise control in a digital twin VR environment. Operators can intuitively operate robots using an immersive gesture control environment that can be operated in real time from anywhere in the world. STAND IA8

FCLabs is a wearable neurotech company. Their product, CoreTech, revolutionises worker safety & wellbeing with wearable technology that tracks mental attention, predicting the risk of human-related error to prevent mistakes, accidents and injuries. CoreTech increases productivity and reduces downtime, whilst helping to improve the health & wellbeing of a workforce STAND IA2

FloWide helps to create value from location data collected at manufacturing sites. They are building a platform where creating applications working with location data enables any person working in factory operations learn. STAND IA31

Go Monitor provide custom IoT solutions to reduce businesses energy, carbon and costs. Specialising in energy monitoring and control, wireless sensor technologies, custom cloud dashboards and data visualisations. STAND IA30

HAL Robotics Novel & robust solutions for robotic in manufacturing, construction and creative industries. HAL Robotics enable robots to adapt to variable parts and processes. From 3D printing to finishing via inspection, HAL Robotics are process and hardware agnostic. STAND IA16

Hexagon Consultants are strategic advisors and implementation experts with a proven track record of tackling supply chain challenges. Their new product innovation, Supply Chain Digital Twin - partners with world leaders in model-based AI, Aerogility, leveraging expert insights with cutting edge technology to improve supply chain performance. STAND IA39

BaaMP.AI is a cutting-edge Digital Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that offers a rapid and efficient solution for setting up, configuring, visualizing, supporting, and integrating sensor. STAND IA32

iCOR combines expert knowledge of UK environmental legislation with the genuine desire to help organisations improve their sustainability goals and stay protected. iCOR is a disruptor in the legal register assist market and is the only digital audit solution that makes navigating and complying with environmental legislation easy and enjoyable. STAND IA33

Immersive Engineering is a cutting-edge technology company that specialises in creating digital and visual solutions. With a focus on innovative applications, they combine virtual reality, augmented reality, and advanced engineering solutions to deliver engaging and transformative products for various industries, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm. STAND IA18

Inventex is a visionary bespoke design and manufacturing company that works in partnership with clients to identify pain points and challenges in their environment. Working in commercial settings, Inventex recommends modifications to create more efficient methods, focusing on efficiency, and saving clients time and money. STAND IA36

iov42 is the identity platform for building trust. Based on an evolution of blockchain, iov42 is enhanced with several other pioneering technologies that make it simple, fast and secure. This ensures organisations, governments and societies can coordinate confidently in the digital space, by enabling trusted, transparent and secure transactions. STAND IA17

Needles and Pins Aerospace produce covers for aircrafts and military vehicles and a variety of high-quality bags for defence industry They are currently supplying into Leonardo and Boeing. STAND IA03

PLUS Automation can help you #MakeSenseofSensors. Their solution PocketCodr is a phone app-based, IO-Link configuration & monitoring unit for all brands of IO-Link sensors. STAND IA10

PredicTech is an affordable, self-sufficient SME manufacturing solution using machine learning to deliver predictive maintenance and energy insights. STAND IA37

Prove Anything creates dynamic digital portals around products that can immutably record, track and display manufacturing, authenticity, ownership, logistics, location, servicing and lifecycle. STAND IA11

Ribble Valley Robotics are a Lancashire based startup who design, manufacture and operate Urban and enclosed environment delivery robots. Using advanced manufacturing and sustainable composites their robots are eco-friendly and low carbon. Within large manufacturing plants, power stations or large industrial facilities they can deliver items such as tools, maintenance kit, BOM or even staff lunch using a blend of AI systems and Human, remote Pilots. STAND IA21

Safepoint is a powerful, all-in-one solution for protecting and organising remote and at-risk workers. Safepoint helps companies like Mitsubishi, Babcock and Michelin keep their workers safe and productive through smart GPS tracking, threat detection, team management, and 24/7 monitoring. It is the only solution of its kind to be backed by security giants, ADT. STAND IA4

Scanmatix is a leading software developer for mobile inventory management and stock control solutions. With the Scanmatix devices and platform, you can automate key stock control and inventory management processes, provide seamless end to end delivery and capture data across your business. STAND IA12

Sensor IT is an Internet of Things Technology Provider and Manufacturer that develops solutions for verticals that include Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, Agritech, Oceantech and Industry 4.0. STAND IA13

SMS Technology supports organisations to track key performance indicators from operational area up to group level. An operating system to be utilized easily whilst removing current paper documentation. STAND IA26

Sunlight’s complete edge computing solution solves the challenge for manufacturers looking to make their processes more lean by implementing newer IoT and AI technologies alongside existing, often legacy, applications. STAND IA25

TrackMyMachines takes 5 minutes to install on any machine tool, and manages the data forever. Running a machine shop is hard, and manufacturers struggle to find out what's actually happening on their shop floors. Analyse your factory, cell or machine production with in-depth reporting and downloadable raw data STAND IA20

Turation offers an adaptable AI assistant for high-mix low-volume manufacturing. They can identify anomalies and optimise job schedules in dynamic HMLV settings, reducing product returns and lead times. STAND IA23

Veribli is a bespoke, smart and highly secure RFID technology that can be easily integrated into products and used in manufacture, supply chain, retail and through to its life with the customer. It enables a circular economy of refill, repair and recycle. The secure RFID ensures safety by verifying products are genuine and protecting against theft. STAND IA15

weeteeq Instead of deploying sensors to observe the status of machines, the weeteq technology accesses existing operational data, previously thought not feasible, directly from the circuits of devices. Their solution Ultra Edge® goes beyond edge computing, performing real-time analysis from within the circuit itself, identifying anomalies before they appear in sensor data, whilst providing unsupervised, immediate performance improvement.

The companies on Innovation Alley will be presenting their technologies on Wed 7th from 3pm on the Innovation Stage at Innovate UK’s Innovation Village.  Please come by and listen to these pitches. 

Find out more about what’s happening on Innovation Alley at