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Meet more of the digital solution providers on this year’s Made Smarter Innovation Alley

With Digital Manufacturing Week taking place today and tomorrow, we wanted to introduce you to more of the exciting digital solution providers joining us on Made Smarter Innovation Alley.

Our first two articles highlighted some of the game changing businesses already signed up to exhibit on the Alley and why they are excited to be part of this fantastic event.  In this article, we will explore another selection of businesses, from AI to automation, data to robots.

Made Smarter Innovation Alley digital solution provider exhibitors
  • A20 Innovation Solutions Ltd

    A|2|O Innovation Solutions Ltd provides technologies for weight reduction, operational efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

    A|2|O’s technologies are focused on removing the barriers to the adoption of advanced composite materials by lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput.

  • Ada Mode

    Ada Mode builds game-changing AI and digital twins for machine health monitoring and industrial process optimisation. Ada Mode’s Atlas platform enables manufacturers to reduce O&M costs, increase operational availability and reduce waste by extracting more value from existing operational data. Ada Mode’s AI technology is trusted to improve operational performance in nuclear power stations, water treatment plants and renewable power generation. We have a burgeoning interest from manufacturers who are keen to adopt our technology for their facilities.  

    Jack Lewis said, “We’re extremely excited to exhibit at Innovation Alley and to talk to manufacturers and other suppliers about their ambitions for AI and digital technology. We hope to stoke enthusiasm for what we’re doing and build relationships with potential customers and partners. A big thanks toKTN and Made Smarter for supporting us.

  • Bot-Hive

    Bot-Hive is the world’s largest robotics and intelligence data platform.  Our innovative platform allows end users and automation designers to identify suitable Industry 4.0 related technologies for their processes.  Using our proprietary interfacing intelligence ontology software, Bot-Hive’s platform recommends technologies that are compatible with one another, significantly reducing interfacing and integration requirements.

    Jacques Bonfrer said, “I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to showcase our business at the Innovation Valley.  The Smart Factory Expo is widely regarded as the UK’s number one event for Industry 4.0 connections, so it’s a privilege to be a part of this year’s show.  We’re looking forward to meeting potential customers, partners and networking with like-minded game changers across the manufacturing industry.

  • Cyberselves

    Cyberselves develop software and apps that make it easier to control and program robots.  This includes the Animus programming library and Teleport apps that enable users to experience the world in a robot's body.


    DONAA has a unique AI solution that monitors the root cause of failures within 3D printing

    Anas Achouri said, “We are excited to exhibit at Made Smarter Innovation Alley, and showcase DONAA’s capabilities for enabling error-free 3D printing. We are particularly looking forward to discussing our pilot programme, where we tailor our solution to specific needs of our partners.”

  • Extend Robotics

    Extend Robotics develop cloud-based human-robot interface software for a non-robotic expert to teleopereate and program robotic manipulators remotely for physical tasks.

  • i3D robotics

    i3D robotics specialise in 3D vision technology for

    • Stereo vision systems
    • Flexible 3D vision systems for autonomous and robotic applications
    • Systems for high temperature and harsh industrial environments

    Richard French said, “Our ground-breaking work assisting Nuclear Decommissioning with digital inspection and robotic systems transfers well to the UK’s manufacturing base. Augmenting legacy systems performance improves inflexible, time and energy-intensive material production processes in line with Industry 4.0 and net zero agendas. Our technologies allow for highly accurate, repeatable production process measurement and control over bespoke or mass production processes. We’re delighted to be demonstrating these resource and energy efficient, cost-reducing technologies at Innovation Alley”.

  • IntelliumAI (formerly AI Labs)

    IntelliumAI is an AI-for-Engineering deep tech company democratising AI by bridging the gap between Engineering and Data Science. 

    AiBoost® is IntelliumAI’s no-code cloud-based Enterprise AI SaaS platform. It is suited for organisations in Aerospace, Defence, Energy and adjacent industries to develop solutions such as Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality Control, Improved Industrial Sustainability, etc. 

    The clear benefits of AiBoost® are fast time to results, significantly reduced implementation costs, the ability to empower the Engineering workforce and reduce the requirement for scarce and super-expensive data science teams.

    Kiran Krishnamurthy, CEO of IntelliumAI said “Smart Factory Expo is one of the flagship events around Industry 4.0 and hence I am delighted with this platform provided by KTN and Made Smarter. We look forward to meeting potential customers and networking with a wide range of stakeholders from the manufacturing industry. Thanks again KTN and Made Smarter!

  • Maverick ML

    Maverick ML is an industrial automation company that specialises in designing and developing machine learning solutions for the space exploration, aerospace, telecom and energy industries.

  • Machine Intelligence

    Machine Intelligence is a technology consultancy specialising in research and development for solving challenging problems for manufacturers, metals, electronics, medical, aerospace, defense and the nuclear industry and universities.

  • Novosound

    Novosound specialises in the design and manufacturing of innovative NDT products using groundbreaking, thin-film manufacturing technique which addresses the limitations of traditional ultrasound. Novosound’s NDT products - the Kelpie, Belenus and Nebula- simplify inspection of complex components and increase the efficiency of condition monitoring, reducing operational downtime caused by corrosion/erosion of pipework and other metal structures to create a more efficient and cost-effective work environment. Novosound works across a range of industries including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Renewables, Nuclear, Civil Engineering and Healthcare. 

    Dan Irving said, “We are looking forward to the Smart Factory Expo and participating in Innovation Alley. Novosound’s innovative approach to ultrasound technology has numerous applications in improving safety and efficiency for both products and processes. The Smart Factory Expo will be the perfect opportunity to further explore how best our technology can be implemented in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

  • Obbi Solutions

    Obbi’s integrated suite of guardians connects key departments to save time, money and mitigate risk.

    Their technology digitally transforms paper and manual processes into an automated workflow, making life easier, safer and more compliant.

  • Rivelin Robotics

    Rivelin’s flexible robotic cells automate post-processing in near-net-shape manufacturing. Their software-driven solution is an automation platform that enables fast changeovers, empowers users and offers global scalability and targets the repetitive, dirty and hazardous tasks of additive manufacturing post-processing.

  • Zeta Motion

    Zeta Motion provides Visual AI for automated management and monitoring of people, places and physical assets. They make it easy to replace physical monitoring with AI, giving the customers greater reliability, speed, safety and efficiency. Zeta Motion’s technology is used globally by clients in diverse industries, such as smart manufacturing, healthcare and AR/VR.

    Wilhelm Klein, CEO of Zeta Motion, said, “We are thrilled to take part in the UK's premier industry 4.0 Expo and to have the opportunity to showcase our unique Visual AI technology at the Made Smarter Innovation Alley. We are keen to learn about real industry pain points and see how we can help cut costs, reduce waste, increase efficiencies and get closer to Net-Zero. Thank you, Made Smarter and KTN. We look forward to new connections and great conversations! 

To find out more about Made Smarter Innovation’s presence at Digital Manufacturing Week read our guide here.

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