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It all started when…

UK Government sought a strategy to drive UK manufacturing growth and transformation through the adoption of industrial digital technology (IDT). As a result, an independent review of industrial digitalisation was led by Professor Juergen Maier, CEO Siemens UK & chair of Made Smarter UK and released in 2017.

The review focused on 3 priority areas informed by the main challenges modern manufacturing business face. They are:

  • Leadership: more ambitious, informed and focused leadership, including the creation of a Made Smarter Commission
  • Adoption: more widespread adoption of IDTs across supply chains, especially within SMEs
  • Innovation: faster innovation and creation of new IDTs, new IDT companies / value-streams and new capabilities to sustain UK competitive advantage

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Practical, on-the-ground impact

Made Smarter is geared towards making the current pockets of digital technological adoption into a broader movement, and helping industry to champion a better, brighter future for everyone.

Working through five North West Growth Hubs (Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire and Warrington), a £20m pilot aims to engage with 3,000 local manufacturers and provide intensive support to 600. The pilot will lay the foundations and generate learnings for a wider national adoption programme.

The Pilot centres around getting real, practical and tangible advice out to small and medium-size businesses who are keen to adopt a technology like robotics, or initiate their first venture into data analytics, or get involved with making a part using additive manufacturing, but don’t know how. Over the next few years, the pilot will test out the most effective ways to engage with manufacturers and encourage them to adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, IoT and sensors, 3D printing and robotics.