Support for North West Manufacturers, Makers and Creators

If you are manufacturer, engineer or maker with facilities of operations in the North West and want to invest in new digital technology or upskill your staff so that they can use them, then register for an assessment.

We will support you on your journey with fully-funded, impartial, expert advice and grant funding to support your project implementation.


What’s included?


Face-to-face tailored support, advice and skills training

Investing in IDT could increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. Our team will help you plan your strategy, develop your workforce and invest in your operations.


Grant Funding & Student Placement

We can help you to fund new software and hardware with up to 50% matched grant funding as well as support to find suitable technical student placements to help your business grow.


Develop your leadership & skills

Strong forward-thinking Leadership and technical skills are essential to effectively implementing new technology and processes within modern manufacturing operations.