Are you a Manufacturer, Engineer, Maker or Creator?


Could you supply Digitalisation Technologies?

The newly-launched Made Smarter programme is designed to support manufacturers, engineers, makers and creators with facilities or operations in Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region to grow through adoption of new technologies.

Effective use of digital technology can provide a significant boost to your efficiency and bottom line. Now you can get access to the advice, insight, and funding you need to make it work for your business.

Register for a fully-funded audit below to learn how your business can grow with new technology or register as technology provider to support the projects we deliver.

What can Made Smarter offer?

  • Fully-funded specialist advice to assess your current operations and develop your digitalisation strategy

  • 50% grant funding to implement new technology, software and hardware into your manufacturing

  • Access to a subsidised Leadership Development programme, designed specifically to support the programme

  • Access to student placements to help you understand how to implement the technology

How can digital technologies help?

These technologies are already transforming manufacturing processes and production, driving increases in efficiency and profitability. They can revolutionise your business and enhance your competitiveness locally, nationally and globally in a number of ways:

- Reduce time to market - Real time data from production

- Improved decision-making - Mass customisation

- Design for manufacture - Product cost reduction

The programme is dedicated to giving North West manufacturers access to advice, insight and grant funding to implement new digital technologies to boost competitiveness and growth.

Through digital technologies, the UK manufacturing could:


All the support you need:

There are many ways digital technology can help you succeed: automation, robotics, sensor technology, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 3D printing, AI and VR. We will help you understand how these can be applied to your business through specialist, impartial advice, grant funding and resources. It will cover how it can drive innovation, increase your workforce skills, and boost your business growth.

Our ability to rapidly prototype and develop our hardware has given us a competitive advantage over big players…
— Caitlin Stanley, Brand Magician, Magic Candy Factory
Investing in technology has kept Crystal Doors in step with much larger competitors and helps to ensure customers receive ever improved quality and value
— Richard Hagan, Owner

How can Made Smarter support you?


Because every business is unique, Made Smarter fully-funded assessments are tailored to suit your business and can include:

  • Access to Made Smarter funds for services and equipment from specialist, approved IDT suppliers

  • Advice ranging from understanding the basics of IDT to training a new wave of digital team leaders – along with specialist mentors

  • Accelerated introductions to established business, technical and university networks will optimise your balance of people, skills, and projects


Made Smarter will help you understand where and how you can add the most value to your operations through specialist expertise, skills and projects.