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Get Lean/Get Fit for business

Lean concepts are powerful tools for increasing productivity and enabling your business to reach its growth and profit potential. However, the challenge is to adapt these powerful techniques so they remain relevant to small and medium sized-enterprises. Tim McLean is a world leader in the successful implementation of Lean in small and medium-sized enterprises and the author of one of the most popular books on the subject – “Grow Your Factory, Grow Your Profits”. Tim’s company TXM has worked with hundreds of SMEs in 16 countries including over 50 companies in the UK.

Delegates will learn:

Why achieving profitable growth is such a challenge for small and medium sized businesses.

Core Lean principles that will help you see opportunity in your businesses

Why a “big company solution” like Lean works so effectively in smaller businesses

The steps to successful Lean implementation in small and medium business

How to unlock your business’ growth potential

Why should I attend?

Participants will discuss how the issues above are relevant to their own businesses and develop a simple “One Page Plan” to address key issues. The workshop also features the airplane game, which is a great way for SMEs to understand key Lean concepts. It enables you to get practical hands on experience of how Lean can transform business performance.